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Electrical Controls Degree - Athens Technical College - Athens, GA

Mechanical Diploma - DeKalb Community College - Clarkston, GA

Electronics Diploma - United States Navy (Guided Missile & Nuclear Weapons)

Iowa State University - Computerized Controls - Certification

Small electrical contractor.

Licensed in Georgia for Non-restricted Electrical.

Licensed in Georgia for Low Voltage Alarms.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: IBEW 613

I install or troubleshoot industrial systems, including automation.

I install or troubleshoot Low voltage security systems. (Security, Fire, Access controls, ...........)

I perform contract maintenance for industrial facilities.

Travels: Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, China,

coast of Vietnam, Taiwan, Solomon Islands, Finland, Sweden

Sandy / dirt locations with no names, and beautiful Canada.

Personal: Married 29 years......., two children, conservative, Christian.

Enlisted at 16 in 73, served in Army & Navy. Last served 2003/4 (Can't run fast but my finger works good ) 10 years active duty. Age:51 (2007)

Disabled veteran with hearing loss from last service. (Should have moved )

Trout fishing, camping in cool /cold weather, live on small farm and like to reflect on life, reflect on my mistakes (damn you should have moved), and read. If I had a wish, "to recall all I read and have one last adventure". I'm Scottish, Hastings & Campbell clans! What else do the clans do, live large, sleep with one eye open and have A GOOD DOG.

Hastings Electric Inc.