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Lets see collar type .... live in the middle of nowhere. My driveway is 1/2 mile long. I got a cat, a dog, a 46 Chevy 1 ton, a running 57 Pontiac Chieftain, a sailboat, coupla antique tractors and a mint 67 Ford 4x4 3/4 ton with a plow. Oh yeah: a wife and two kids also.

Up until last year we lived off the grid (not by choice but by virtue of youth). For 20 yrs.

I run a small optics repair shop dealing mostly with survey stuff. A couple of mills, lathes, pantos and enough unknown parts to fill a large barn. Most of my machining work deals in prototypes.

When not in lounge mode I paint. When not painting I read. Otherwise I am a slave of my own doing. I am also very good at doing nothing which I am capable of doing extremely well. My wife and I are also really good at taking long walks down the country road.

I despise cutting the lawn.

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138 lb. Sturgeon...French River, Ont...8lb line.....2hr fight....released. That was Georgian Bay twenty years ago.

Today: algae killoff induced botulism=fish kills, various invasive species and the stocking of sport fish (salmon and rainbow) has decimated what was once a sport fishermans dream come true. Bass, walleye, sturgeon, whitefish, crappie and many others are fast disappearing.

15 yrs. ago the released salmon would weigh in at an average of 20-25 lbs.......some reaching well into the 30-40lb. range. Today are on edge of starvation with average weights of 10 lbs and under. Still being stocked!

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Mississinaibi River, northern Ont. Early Cretaceous. Clay belt. 250 million year old pine cones still soft to the touch. Many petrified logs sticking out've the clay banks. Lignite in thin seams. Gold precipitate in some petrified logs.

Area has had no significant paleontological research.