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New Technology for Energy Efficiency…

Slowing a motor down during reduced load has long been an accepted energy saving method. However, using PID/PLCs as a method of controlling VFDs (Motors) in changing applications has been inefficient at best. Our new Smart Microprocessor is a replacement for the old PID/PLC control systems utilized in managing VFD's…

The HELP System (High Efficiency Local Processor), utilizes fuzzy logic, Stepless-controls, and an elaborate algorithm instead of programming! This new technology optimizes VFD operation and substantially reduces energy (Amperage/kWh) consumption…

By utilizing this Smart Microprocessor technology, we have third-party certified and verified amperage reductions of 30-50% in actual customer installations…

Ideal applications for the HELP System are any 3-phase motors that have varying loads such as:

• HVAC System Compressors,

• Air-handler Blower Motors,

• Chiller Pumps,

• Process Pumps,

• Etc.

The Technology Consortium is currently the exclusive source of this technology in North America. Domestic companies currently involved with this equipment are Ashland Chemicals, Boeing, and Michelin. Many other large companies are also involved in the evaluation and incorporation of this technology…


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