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StableCrete, our flagship product is now listed in Green Products category to Qualify for LEED Credits. VOC Content of 13g/L is Extremely Low, while also protecting all concretes from corrosion, providing longevity of structures.

Our company serves as consultants to the concrete industry. Our primary goal is protection of concrete structures, new or aged against moisture induced contaminates that commence formation of corrosion cells on steel reinforcement. By waterproofing a concrete we increase ohms resistance inside the matrix inhibiting the free flow of electrons creating anodic areas on the steel.

After a concrete structure is waterproofed, it is resistant to attack by acids, chlorides and the affect of carbonation to a surface. StableCrete is a one step topically applied product that creates a hydrophobic concrete matrix that prolongs the life of any Portland Cement based concrete structure, yet allows for any type of paint/ coating application.

Excellent results when used in conjunction with Impressed Cathodic systems by maintaining low moisture concrete, preventing overdrive and premature consumption of installed anodes.