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Ignore this sentence:-1) "Wer nicht weiß, glaubt viel! "2) For those who understand, no explanation is necessary, for those who don't, no explanation is possible!

Joined RN from school at 17.

Retired Royal Navy 1973.

Studied in the Open University, UK evenings and when underway....

Computer Engineer and specialist for several large US companies in both the UK, then Europe, then also Africa and the Middle East until 2006.

Company was taken over by an even larger company (Sun Microsystems), all over 55 let go! I told them that they had not go a clue how to keep customers, so the customers left in droves, now they have being taken over themselves!!! Serves them right the arrogant bastards that they were....

Retired, but now I work for myself designing/building electronics for the CNC world, but in a quite small way! Small runs of PICs for personal or small company usage.....if I like the job!

Recently I started working for a friend of mine, repairing high quality Navigation systems for cars, which can easily cost up to €4,500 (well over US$5,000) new and to replace not much less.....He (and I) repair them for far less money, even replacing and setting up, Laser Diodes in CD and DVD units.

Its very interesting work and keeps the old Brainbox running!!!

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ESD is sadly misunderstood by many......

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