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Ex Telephone Man, 63. Married to the beautiful Olga for 36 years. I collect, repair and restore antique telephones, ride motorcycles (dirt & street) do a lot of camping with Olga in our Teardrop Trailer, do a lot of riding on my mountain Bike. I've played guitar for 50 years, also drums & keyboard. We've lived in the Siskiyou National Forest for 35 years in a small cabin with a wood stove as our only heat source. We've got 3 great sons, all graduates from University Of Oregon, and one Granddaughter (so far). I have a fully equipped (backyard) welding shop with stick, MIG and Plasma cutter along with all the other stuff needed to make/repair things around the homestead. I also have a small wood shop and small electric shop. I LOVE to build, break and fix things.