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Welcome me to CR4. You will loving me.

I am a Moron. From Moronia, a small village in Phuket Thailand I are. Is funny we think about our village name, because in English, I think moron does not mean smart, but we are smart.

We practice Moronic Bumblism in Moronia. I find CR4 because CR4 are the leader in Moronic Bumblism. Google "Moronic Bumblism" and CR4 is right at top of list. You try. It works.

We have looked at CR4 pages many times before but it was full of stupid numbers and science stuff. Now is getting gooder. In Moronia we want to know about Blockbuster. We think Blockbuster is a kind of god. CR4 now has things about Blockbuster. CR4 tells me coconut milk is not same a cow milk. Is good. We are very smart, but we did not no this. CR4 is good now.

In Mornia we say, in our high school cheer: "No more numbers! Give us Videos! Phuket, Phuket!

I wanting to give "Best Post of Year" award to my colleges hear. Every 365 hours about I think is year. Many posts are moronic. I will to be choose carefully. I will make thing like this to announce best.

Please join me in saying Phuket loud. And welcome me to CR4.