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You don't need to save the world, if everyone in the world saved themselves from pollution or tyranny then the world will be saved anyway.

Each generation makes new leaps in progress, the expression "Standing on the shoulders of giants" comes to mind, the inventor of the flat screen TV stood on the shoulders of the giants who invented televisions and so on; when it comes to socio economic progress and being stood over by Energy companies and their 30 percent pseudo partners, "the governments" with their 30 % tax share, how far will our children reach standing on the shoulders of current generations who lay cringing on the floor?

We do not end this message with an arms around the shoulder speech, or a hand in hand hippy statement about us all being brothers and sisters, simply two words .......... GET UP.

No longer on this site, as the dozens of good answers were removed by oil people targeting my answers and marking them off topic to reduce the number of good answers and remove credibility. I have no time for children or Nazi Scumbags