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Born in Detroit, raised in Livonia, MI. BSME from General Motors Institute, now Kettering University in Flint, MI. MBA from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. PE in Michigan since 1984, but never applied for reciprocity anywhere else because I haven't been called on to practice anywhere else.I've worked for GM, Texas Instruments, Ford and Corsa Instruments ( on a variety of design or automation or design for assembly/manufacture/recycling applications. I'm a Bayesian (though not strict about it), a Six Sigma Black Belt, an amateur psychometrician, and also an occasional student of both martial arts and yoga. I grow herbs, make wine, sew both modern and historical re-creation garments, read LOTS of science fiction and help run SF conventions. I'm married, to another engineer, have 3 kids (Including a set of identical twins. Viva home cloning kits!), and am addicted to e-mail and on-line fora of all kinds.

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