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Reared on a dairy farm by a brilliant father that died young. Bought the family farm ignoring higher education, after scoring 5th in state at 16, I moved to Real Estate, Horticulture, Direct Internet sales of my product as a commercial fisherman, lately surviving near death disasters that resulted in over a thousand fractures, herniations, etc. to full ability to function (though not without pain).

I have always tag lined myself before the definition existed;

"Where knowledge meets experience"

Horticulturist, Real Estate Developer, Certified Mechanic, Commercial Fisherman - Crab Pot gear license, pilot, Tech-net, webmaster, artist (wannabe), Librarian for Lifers and Death Row at Md's only high security Penitentiary (6 months)

Giving everything but $;

A father of a son securely retiring at 33, and a daughter working civilian at the Navel Base in DC as a contract specialist - G14 at 28 years old.

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Love Jazz, but that's a bit recent - saw Jimi live in Baltimore in '67.

I love live music and played professionally until '78 when I crippled my left hand.

Big on anything good, but somehow rap and I don't get along - being too deaf to hear words doesn't help!

Now this old man enjoys jazz mostly!