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Call sign is VE3RPG. Have held my advanced license since my days as a Rover Scout but have not as yet managed to tune my ears and co-ordination to handle code to any effective level as yet. I am not quite as active as I used to be but still frequent my club frequency and semi-active in ARES.

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My first PC was a IIc and from there I and my brother ran a small basement repair shop. Eventually we ran a BBS off of a IIgs with a hacked HDD Lava controller with a string of 10 20meg drives running Hot Metal.

Our hardware archive has at least one of most of the peripherals available but there are a few we still don't have. I am still ever on the watch for an original kit. Some day.

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ASQ CQE, CQT. Mainly in the Pharmaceutical industry as applies to manufacturing and laboratory equipment and systems. main area of application is Validation of those systems but I sometimes get the bonus of being in on the design of new systems and their implementation.

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'ssauga eh?

Mississauga, well the armpit thereof also known as the village of Malton. The city with a balanced budget and Mayor we wish was immortal. Being next door to the big smoke (Toronto) has its problems and such as well.

I have been working in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Validation Specialist but have put in time as an instructor at a local college in the electronics program.