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USAF 20 years (retired in 1994) -- 8 1/2 years enlisted, 12 officer (retired O-3, Captain).

1st date with the girl who became my wife: Dec 1967.

Married to that same girl for 41 years (as of Aug 2012) !!!!

8, count 'em, eight grandchildren -- three are Step-grandkids.

No, I did not go to Viet Nam (although I was in the Air Force during the last part of it).

Did go to Alaska - remote to Ft Yukon (8 miles North of the Arctic Circle) in 1974-75.

Other than that, I'm boooooooooooooorrrrrrrrring....

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"Proud to be an American"

Living in SE Texas. Married to my first love since Aug 1971.

Retired USAF, as was my late father.

Looks like my son will also stick it out in the Army to retirement.

Loving my grandkids.