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Starting out from college with a Full Technician Engineer Diploma, I have spent 30 years working in engineering and have specialised principally in Fluid Dynamics or Hydraulics. For 25 years I have been based in the UK (East Midlands) and am a major shareholder of a Hydraulic Design Company. During this time my work has taken me around the world installing large systems (mainly test rigs and industrial process plants).

Ten years ago, I emigrated to Australia where I have also traveled around this great country fire fighting hydraulic problems (and bush fires)! Initially based in Tasmania (Van Diemans Land), I have now re-locate to the North Island and am enjoying the warmth of Queensland.

We have now started BBJ Engineering and Drafting Consultancy and for the last four years have been kept very busy undertaking contracts in the mining and log mill industry's.

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Australian citizen at last!