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with + 43 years of experiece in the field of elecrical eng for designing, planning & implementation various industrial, commercial, infra structural, logistic having 220kv,66kv,33kv,11kv, 6.6 kv & .433 kv distribution network projects involments from budget to closing of projects.

Employment with industries since 1968 till 1980, m/s indequip eng ltd., Textile m/c mfg., Amica mills ltd., eng diivision mfg pipes, cylinderes & textle m/c, P.T RIKEN, Indonesia malleable cast iron mfg, m/s cellulose , chemical & bulk drg mfg

free lance consulting firm mep since 1980 till 2007 provided services to engneering, chemical, pharmaceutical, edible oil, water management for power station, narmada sujlam suflam yojna, commercial projects hospitals, hotels, residential & town shil, educational institutes eng, pharma,medical etc.,

Full time consultant since 2007 till 2012 to m/s pmc projects india pvt ltd., planning, designing value added implementation various projects of m/s Adani groups of companie includes container terminals, bulk material handling, liquid, agro, sez etc.

Free lance consultant since Jan-13.,providing value added prof readings, expert advice on DBR, monitoring projects

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electrical planning - designing

To share & exchange the experience o f+ 43 years