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Circuit Breaker Communication

08/11/2017 11:01 AM


Normally in a any communication, there is a need to transmit information between communication devices. This need is taken care by modbus or profibus. When connecting a controller to one smart device, or if there is only one remote site - then Modbus is used, and in reverse cases, Profibus is used.

Which communication protocol is used to communicate the circuit breaker for trpping in an eleven kilovolt ring main unit?

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Re: Circuit breaker communication.

08/11/2017 11:37 AM

Typically the breaker would trigger a switch device that activates or deactivates an input on what ever I/O component of the system you chose to use in your overall monitoring system.

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Re: Circuit Breaker Communication

08/11/2017 4:46 PM

As mentioned before, circuit breakers need not to have a 'standard' protocol for communication particularly in the event that it will trip a particular zone / area in a protection system.

Circuit breakers has what they've called 'Trip Circuits' these trip circuits are basically made up of magnetic coil and other contacts (normally open or normally close) what needs to be understand or the goal is to complete these Trip Circuits as to energize the magnetic coil of the breaker therefore changing the state of its corresponding contacts. Usually there are two contacts in a trip circuit (@De-energized state) a normally close contact (52b) and a normally open contact (52a) upon energization of the breaker these contacts will now change their state 52a now being the close one and 52b now being the open. the 52a is wired in series with the trip coil of the breaker plus the contact that will come from the relay (normally open) now since the trip coil is in series with the 52a and the normally open contact coming from the relay in the event that a fault will occur that normally open contact from the relay (assertion of the relay contacts depends on the logic setup or trip equation) will changed its state to close therefore completing the circuit and by means of mechanical action the breaker will now once again change the 52a and 52b state back to their initial position 52a being the open and 52b being the close one. These changing of state of the contacts of the breaker will trigger a mechanical action internally in the breaker that will now open the line or isolate the area or zone of protection.


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Re: Circuit Breaker Communication

08/11/2017 7:28 PM

R.I.P. English.

Information is transmitted in electromagnetic communications using protocols, and the devices are called transmitter and receiver.

MCCB can trip due to electromechanical trip (electromagnetic fields) or just mechanical (thermal). There is no communication protocol involved here.

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Re: Circuit Breaker Communication

08/12/2017 2:57 AM

It depends upon the communication protocol that Manufacturer provide with your system or equipment. Then you may need gateways to convert into your receiving system


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Re: Circuit Breaker Communication

08/12/2017 9:50 AM

Hi, I'm a high school student and I have a project for my engineering concepts class to interview an actual engineer. I chose to come to the electrical engineering forum because that's a field I'm interested in. If anyone wouldn't mind answering a few questions and giving some info, I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: Circuit Breaker Communication

08/14/2017 7:46 AM

Perhaps it would be appropriate to list those questions in a posting and await responses, then?

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