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PWSlack is a genderless nom-de-plume for an individual that has a strong interest in things chemical, a moderate tolerance for things in other fields and a peculiar perversion towards railway engineering that is lifelong, chronic and terminal. While remaining a shy mystery, the location and national characteristics of this individual are prevalent.

Never a solo trumpeter, this individual is highly averse to the use of personal pronouns in a public forum and has a wicked sense of humour that ebbs and flows like the tide on a moonlit night.

"When using Morse, never send faster than the other end can receive."

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While somewhat rusty on the manipulation of S-plane algebra, Nyquist's Stability Criterion and equally out-of-practice on the Zeigler-Nicholls techniques of controller tuning, there may be some useful illumination to be had on a number of control and instrumentation issues as a result of holding a long-suit in that particular discipline.

In the game of Contract Bridge, 'bid on length, not on strength'.

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