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Infrastructure Research and Engineering?

08/21/2009 1:00 PM

Can anyone refer me to companies that conduct R&D for infrastructure? I've located an candidate who is looking for his next career opportunity. Based on his credentials and background I thought he could be a major asset to a firm. I've contacted CTL Group and Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. so far.

Total Work Experience: 7 Years of infrastructure project management up to $30 Million, 4 Years Structural Design for public buildings and residential complexes, 8 years (current) of R&D bridge management, maintenance, cost analysis, risk assessment, preservation benefits, inspection protocols.


PhD Structural Engineering, Masters in Structures, Bachelors in Civil Engineering


: Professional Engineer State of Virginia

Software Knowledge

: (BEST), (Pontis), STAAD, AutoCAD, MathCAD, Multiple Life Cycle Cost Analysis Software Programs.


15 regarding Bridge Management, Construction, Rehabilitation, Maintenance.

I appreciate your help!

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Re: Infrastructure Research and Engineering?

08/21/2009 5:29 PM

This is not an endorsement of: Parsons Brinckerhoff, but it may be a lead.

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Re: Infrastructure Research and Engineering?

08/22/2009 2:57 AM

Hello KER Recruiter,

I would have thought you would need to 'specialise' in a particular area like electronics, manufacture, building, design etc. Or a mix of one or two of these. Industry is to broad a brush to use as a 'label' and even 'complete' knowledge of one engineering sector is very difficult, with constant inventions, re-invention and ways of manufacture means I would think that a specialist in one sphere is more likely to be sucessfull. Though of coarse, if you run a company who leases or employs these people you can collect a true Industry Wide Specialisation Force.

I list below some sites and areas which may help. I searched for the USA markets. If you search you will also see Infrastructure Corporation of America, and that is just one I would think Civil Engineering type of area


Results 1 - 10 of about 2,130,000 for infrastructure companies R & D "USA"".

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Infrastructure Companies

Infrastructure Companies: visit the premier resource for IT Leaders

Search Results

wipro technologies - JobisJob USA

Company: Wipro Technologies Location: Jersey City, NJ: Wipro is a global provider of consulting, IT Services, and outsourced R&D, infrastructure outsourcing ...

- Cached - Similar -

Research and development - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 2006, the world's four largest spenders of R&D were the United States (US$343 ... Although Allergan (a biotech company) tops the spending table 43.4% .... DOE Funded Research Projects Win 30 R&D Awards for 2008 · USA Today May 2008 ...

- Cached - Similar -

R--Support to the Afghanistan Sustainable Infrastructure Plan ... ORLANDO FL 328258523 USA Email: ... Limited Liability Company, Research and Development, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, ...

- Cached - Similar -

[PDF] Norson China Market Series - R&D Storm Rising: China's Rush to R&D File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View Wireless R&D Company Rankings. Company Rankings. Wireless Infrastructure R&D Rankings .... 1907 (from USA) or +353-1-481-1716 (from Rest of World). ... pdf

- Similar -

Baymark->COMPANY->R&D Centers->Infrastructure

Baymark has a well-developed IT and environment infrastructure. ... Reserved internet channels - 20Mbits synchronous connection to Europe and the USA ... The speed of connection between Kiev and Odessa R&D centres is 100 Mb ...

- Cached - Similar -

Infrastructure Services - Practice Manager jobs -

Company: Wipro Technologies. Title: Infrastructure Services - Practice Manager ... IT Services, and outsourced R&D, infrastructure outsourcing and business ... 5 certified software Services Company and the first outside USA to receive ...

- Cached - Similar -

MRS Website : R & D and Business Opportunities for Nanotech ... R & D and Business Opportunities for Nanotech Companies in Singapore ... We outlined the world-class infrastructure for nanotech R & D. Summary of ... Materials Research Society 506 Keystone Drive, Warrendale, PA, 15086-7573, USA ...

- Similar -

GIRD: Grid Infrastructure Research & Development, Umeå University ... IBM Journal of Research & Development, Volume 53, Number 4, 2009. .... Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, IEEE Computer Society Press, USA, pp . ...

- Cached - Similar -

SSRN-Does R&D-Infrastructure Attract High-Tech Start-Ups? by Dirk ... 4 Aug 2008 ... The existence of large companies in the manufacturing sector has a ... Engel, Dirk and Fier, Andreas H.,Does R&D-Infrastructure Attract ...

- Similar -

by D Engel - Cited by 20 - Related articles Huawei - Cooperative Global R&D Operations in MNCs with Virtual Teams My early memory of Huawei was that of a fast-rising Chinese company that was very good ... I received R&D Outstanding Achievement Award from Huawei USA. .... and we have attained a technology leadership level in wireless infrastructure. ...

- Cached - Similar -


Take care and good luck!

Take it easy, bb. >"HEAR & you FORGET<>SEE & you REMEMBER<>DO & you UNDERSTAND"<=$=|O|=$=>"Common Sense is Genius dressed in its Working Clothes"<>[Ralph Waldo Emerson]
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Re: Infrastructure Research and Engineering?

08/24/2009 9:36 PM

If I had those credentials I'd be at Battelle, If I wasn't already making big bucks working for the Obama administration.


Or I'd be in the middle east...Thats where the building is


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