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Design a Windmill

02/08/2007 12:22 PM

Dear All,

This is Tushar from Instrumentation stream.

I wanted to design a windmill for Domestic application (Home) which can produce upto 500 kWH electricity .

For that which are the factors i should observe at sight.

Wind speed, availability of Wind during year, etc. etc. ?

Can anybody give me idea of Design ?

Please send this, i need it.

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Re: Design a Windmill

02/08/2007 2:29 PM

Do you really mean 500kWH? That's quite a lot for a home. Also, do you mean that this generator should be able to provide 500kW for any given windy hour -- or are you assuming you will be storing a charge in a battery bank of 500kWH capacity (or that you will be using 500 kWH over the course of a month). The latter would not require such a large generator.

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Re: Design a Windmill

02/09/2007 12:08 AM

Yes, That would be well over 600 horsepower, how could you feed all those horses in a small house?

Google windpower, and you will get many hits.

here is one string for 500KW units.

open a few of these sites and see if you can get some ideas.

Since they sell them, they will not give them to you for free.

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Re: Design a Windmill

02/09/2007 3:53 AM

Someone else has already done it. Domestic wind turbines are readily available from a major home improvement centre chain in the UK.

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Re: Design a Windmill

02/09/2007 9:40 AM

Several popular makes of wind generators develop approximately 500 watts of 12V or 24V charging for sailboat and off grid home application. This may be a bit skimpy for a typical western household with fridge, air conditioning etc. However I am in the business of designing total self contained energy systems for yachts and ships and most households for 4 people or less only require 2 to 6 kW of AC generator power to live comfortably. When you have a means of storing the generated energy such as in batteries, you really do not need very much; certainly not 500kWh generating capacity.

This is one of many websites for vendors of home power wind mills. They have help sections for how to assess what you need and how much power you can expect to generate under typical conditions st a given location.

Unless you are really determined to reinventing the wheel; (wind wheel in this case) obtaining an existing design will save you hundred of hours in R&D, not to mention the attendant cost of fabricating something that may or may not work as expected.

Just finding the optimum, or even just effective blade shape will take months of experimentation.

I used to design automated controls for 12kW wind generators. There is a huge number of factors to be considered for a safe windmill.

Good luck


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Re: Design a Windmill

02/10/2007 6:47 PM


u have take care in the gear box , fan design and the site selection

for futher details visit



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Re: Design a Windmill

02/19/2007 3:37 PM

Did You mean 500kWh per hour or per day, or per month, or per year or 500W?
Or what for You need this energy?

Here are some guidelines about power from Windmills:
If it is a small installation, then no problem. But if bigger, then look at the economics; what will be return rate, if any. If it is a small installation just for fun then have a nice time. But if it is for money, then You have to have in mind that:

1. Produced energy depends wery much on wind , is proportional to V^3, what means:two times bigger wind velocity V= eight times more energy.You can have wind distribution data from national or local Meteorological Institute.

2. Localisation: best is open area. Forest , trees, even bushes lower wind velocity. If height of Your tower will be lets say 10m , then around, especially from the most frequent direction of blowing, You should not have obstacles in 15 x height = 15 x 10m = 150m distance. And upside down : Forest, trees of height 30m should be far 30m x 15 = 450m at least.

3. If nominal power plant is 10kW, You should be expected to have 1kW..2kW in average, due to variation of wind velocity.

4. the higher the tower the higher wind velocity proportional to V^0.5= 4 times higher = 2 times bigger Velocity = 8 times more energy. But also more high , more costly! Putting on the top of flat hill greatly helps. However hills increase turbulention - speed is less constant - lower efficiency of blades.

5. Usually installation pays back money in 30years! Only best locations pay back in 10years. Most of installations in the world appeared, because were supported by governments (by tax reductions for example, or special low rate loans).

6. Visit few people having done this kind installations and talk with them. Then make decisions.

7. Install reliable cutting off system to aviod disaster. Wind speed of 60miles/hour will apply to 5m long rotating blades a force in the range of 1000kG! Many times more than if they are stopped! (braked and cannot rotate or turned parallel to wind direction) . Force is proportional to V^2: two times bigger velocity = four times bigger force!

8. But costs of fuel are rising, so Your chances too.

Good luck


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