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Marvin E. Frisbie

04/11/2007 2:09 AM

I Have a design for a safe escape system for a High-Rise Building of any height. It will put 615 Tenants on the ground every 5 minutes; until the building is empty.I will not go into specifics at this time. I have a Patent 5321615, issued in 1994. It will operate an airport in Zero visibility. The Airport section I hired an electronic Engineer to put my ideas into Digital. I made the Highway Vehicle system in analog. Nasa Engineers told me it was the perfect design to operate an airport in zero visibility. It also makes an auto highway. The FAA suppressed the patent; Refused Dr. Streit of Penn State to test it. . 4 years ago a guy I know who was one of the first editors for The U. S. News and World Report. He went back to Washington and was told nothing would happen with my patant unless I spread money around Washington. The FAA Bureauocrats were collecting too much money from the Radar companies. I quit keeping the Patent Upkeep payments. It is now Public domain, and is used in an auto bus system in Europe. I have had two weapons in the Picknney Arsenal in New Jersey. The Secretary of the Army accepted my designs, but they are tied up in the arsenal for about a year now. I gave them to the Aremy so there would be no problem with the Army having to pay for the designs. Also, not being Patented, the enemy could not copy them and kill Americans with weapons I designed. They will kill or Knock out anyone a foot soldier can not see, but know is hiding. The second will kill or knock out everyone in any tunnel. I mentioned this for you to understand I am unusal. I can design anything. I will discuss the Building design after an excellent Mechanical engineer replies to me. He must be in the Chicago area. First I will require a contract spelling out each of our responsibilities, and a honor system of fairness, and no sharp business practices with each other in the contract. I have a Patent Attorney who was the litigator for the largest Pattent office inn San Diego, CA. We will use him for the patent. He has never lost a case of infrigment in any pattent he wrote. We will split the patent 50-50. All I need is an excellent Mechanical Engineer. I will supply the design, he will supply the mechanical engineering, and I will supply the engineering of all the rest of the systems. He will pay for the Patent costs. We will split the Patent 50-50. Fris. This is an excellent deal.

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