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New CNG Tank to Mimic Intestines Design

07/12/2012 10:45 PM

California is funding a study for a new natural gas tank that does not need a heavy outer shell, but has an intestine like tubing system inside of it. The tubing decreases the pressure on the outer container. This also allows the CNG tank to be made in any shape desired. I don't understand the physics, but charcoal or pulverized corncobs have also been tried in CNG tank design. Maybe one of you can come up with an idea that will make you rich. Here is the story:

Other Lab in San Francisco, California, will receive $250,000 to develop a high-pressure natural gas tank for light-duty vehicles using small diameter tubes tightly wound into a tank shape. Like human intestines, these small tubes will fit tightly into virtually any shape for efficient storage. Gas intestine storage tanks could be as light as today's carbon fiber tanks at one fifth the cost.

SRI International in Menlo Park, California, will $875,000 to develop low-pressure natural gas storage tanks for light-duty vehicles using porous materials that enable low pressure storage at high energy densities. SRI's unique approach using porous carbon materials will provide structural strength and high surface area for gas adsorption that will entirely eliminate the need for a costly external tank.

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