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This is CR4: Posting best practices

06/23/2019 12:01 AM

CR4 is an excellent resource – if you know how to use it.

One of the areas where CR4ers sometimes struggle is with creating high-quality posts. A high-quality post opens a topic for discussion or asks a question that entices readers to participate. There are a few key similarities of high-quality posts.

  • Provides all information: Don’t make users ask more questions to answer yours. Help them, help you.
  • Content is clear: The language makes sense and is not too abbreviation- or jargon-heavy.
  • Media: Pictures or videos always help illustrate questions or data.
  • Title: Users know what to expect if they continue reading.
  • Depth: The question requires actual analysis, brainstorming or recommendations.

Moderators will hide low-effort posts from the front page; these threads are not deleted, however. So if you want to create a post that will get a lot of replies and views, focus on creating good, thoughtful threads.

If you think a thread is high or low quality, remember to rate it with the star rating system.

It is always nice when the poster is engaged with respondents, whether it be to exchange ideas or just to say thanks. Posters should also be prepared for negative feedback or criticism – that is part of the deal when submitting ideas or challenges to public judgement.

As long as it is constructive criticism, then fair play. If the criticism turns into berating or personal attacks, a moderator will step in (mash that report button people). Please recognize the difference between constructive and personal criticisms.

A final note: even though it is 9 years old, Jaxy had some great thoughts on how to launch a good CR4 thread.

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