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Automotive Attitude - Camaro vs. Firebird

Posted April 20, 2010 12:01 AM by CarDomain

It's not at all a staightforward question. The answer is always "it depends on the generation." The distinct design of each of GM's sister ponycars varied so widely throughout the generations that it's hard to imagine maintaining a single favorite during the entire 40-plus-years of their history. To complicate matters, drivetain and trim packages varied significantly as well, with sometimes the Camaro, sometimes the Firebird packing the more desirable goodies.

Terminal Indecision

While there are always some folks who are die-hard Camaro or Firebird fans, the whole issue gives the rest of us a case of terminal indecision. And when you consider that even the final dismantling of Pontiac may not spell the end of the Firebird (if the aftermarket has anything to say about it), the rivalry will likely continue for successive generations.

Which Do You Prefer?

So here's the question: out of Camaro or Firebird, which do you prefer? Are you a true-blue supporter of one or the other, or do you waver back and forth depending on what years we're talking about?

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Re: Automotive Attitude - Camaro vs. Firebird

04/21/2010 9:18 AM

The truest of questions isn't whether or not you prefer the Camaro or the Firebird, it is whether the Camaro trumps the Mustang. The only problem, is when you talk about performance...the Camaro wins hands down. If you talk about style, Smoky and the Bandit is hard to beat. I believe that the first Mustang started the "pony" thing. The Camaro made it "sexy", the Hemi owned it, then the "70's killed it.

Back to the original question...I believe that the Camaro brought the total package, but the Firebird has had some good moments.

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Re: Automotive Attitude - Camaro vs. Firebird

04/21/2010 11:27 AM

Very good point about the Camaro always (or nearly always) trumping Mustang. My opinion- There is a strange phenomenon going on with the Mustang; the customer loyalty to the brand can't be described as anything but irrational, at least when it comes to performance. Latest case in point. Recent cover of Car & Driver where "Mustang Wins!" despite having over 100hp less than Camaro, 5 speed instead of 6 speed, and a non-independent rear axle! And...the 'stang costs MORE money! The magazine reviewers said they were fascinated by the sequential rear turn signals and the exhaust burble. I just have to shake my head; maybe the reviewers just got carbon monoxide poisioning while watching the turn signals and listening to the exhaust? What accounts for this? Rayzer


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Re: Automotive Attitude - Camaro vs. Firebird

04/21/2010 9:42 AM

Back in October '67, I bought my brand new Camaro RS. I got back to the apartments and found that on the same day, one friend had bought a regular Camaro and another bought a Firebird. We took it in turns to drive to work. We the Camaro owners would remark at how slow the Firebird heater was to heat up and how fast were the Camaro heaters, till we got the other guy convinced.

I preferred those early Camaros to the Firebird and to subsequent Camaros.

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Re: Automotive Attitude - Camaro vs. Firebird

12/22/2011 2:45 PM

I'd have to say in my opinion the Fire-bird just had a little more appeal then the Camaro through the years. But at any rate the ford mustang 1972 to 1983 year models aside has always been the over all better value. Maybe not the fastest but they ruled the 80's and the 2003 sc cobra even made the vette owners nervous at stop lights. Not to mention the new 5.0 is head and shoulders above any Camaro to ever roll of the production line. Any way though I would take the Camaro 1969 ss or the ls1 firebird WS6 you can't go wrong either way.

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