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Roof 16-valve Model T Head

Posted April 16, 2012 11:00 AM by dstrohl

Of the many aftermarket manufacturers that offered speed equipment for the Ford Model T four-cylinder engine, Roof is one of the better known and longest lasting, remaining in business through to the post-war years. This Roof OHV Model T cylinder head for sale on Hemmings.com appears to be typical of the 16-valve design that got Robert Roof into the performance aftermarket business and appears to be a viable candidate for installation on a Model T engine rather than for a static display. From the seller's description:

"Complete Roof Laurel 16-valve OHV conversion cylinder head for Ford Model T. Believed to be complete with rocker assembly, pushrods, spacers, intake and exhaust manifolds. Stored in a climate-controlled room since 1948. Cylinder head and manifolds were inspected, checked for straightness, pressure tested for cracks by a reputable machine shop, B&M Machining in Brooklyn, CT. Machine shop report is available via email to interested buyers. I have valves and springs, but am not sure they are for this application. Also not sure that pushrods are correct, but the head, rocker assembly and manifolds are correct, unmolested and in serviceable condition. I am told the valves, springs and pushrods can be sourced elsewhere, if needed."

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