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Electronics360 Introduction & Tour

Posted March 14, 2013 3:11 PM by SavvyExacta
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IHS GlobalSpec recently launched two new websites. The sites, Electronics360 and Datasheets360, provide resources for the electronics industry and a free part number search tool, respectively.

IHS GlobalSpec is CR4's parent company. The IHS GlobalSpec website has a supplier directory; an industrial part and service search; product information and selection guides; e-newsletters, whitepapers, and webinars; online events, and more. Electronics360 adds even more resources for those interested in the electronics industry.


Electronics360 is an informational site including news, analysis, and commentary regarding electronics technology and the industries that use electronics.

After viewing the site's homepage, it is broken down into three major tabs: News & Analysis, Calendar, and Research. There's also an About page that explains more about the site. Let's take a look at some of the tabs.

News & Analysis

This section contains a lot of information for people who are interested in electronics. There are standard news stories, analysis of trends, and commentary on what's going on in the industry.

The authors and editors of the content are electronics industry professionals from around the world. CR4's own amichelen, an IHS GlobalSpec engineer and electrical engineering professor, writes a regular column about semiconductor developments and nanotechnology. (Click to read his latest article: 2018: The End of Easy Scaling and the Dawn of Nanotechnology.)

Features like the chart of the day and price tracker can help professionals make informed decisions.

The news stories are great. I hope that one day we are able to integrate them with CR4 so that the community can discuss them!


A calendar of electronics industry events on the site includes tradeshows and online events. Some of these are webinars or other online events hosted by GlobalSpec. Others are more traditional tradeshows and conferences held around the world.

You may be interested in checking out a webinar coming up next week on March 19: Uncertainty and opportunity: What's ahead for the semiconductor industry in 2013?


Electronics360 draws on information and analytics provided by IHS. The key sections in this tab are market watch, media research, and research resources.

Click here for a tour of IHS GlobalSpec's other new site, Datasheets360.


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