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Laser Engraved Gift Guide 2017

Posted November 12, 2017 12:00 AM by Epilog Laser
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The holidays are upon us, which means racking the brain for the perfect gift for that special someone. Sure, you can join the crowds and shop ‘til you drop, but why bother when you can add a personal touch to an ordinary object for the ultimate holiday gift.

If you have a laser engraver, then you’re in luck. This is the perfect tool to cross off everyone on your gift list this year.

Need some inspiration?

One example of a laser engraved gift can be found at StadiumMapArt. StadiumMapArt offers laser engraved artwork of sports stadiums and their surrounding cities. The stadium pops up from the matte, black metal frame, and the surrounding city is engraved into thin plywood.

According to Zach Holt, StadiumMapArt artist, there are two StadiumMapArt styles available. The classic style is the Map Art that has the 3D stadium laser engraved on the plywood with the surrounding streets and city engraved around it. Picture a zoomed-in map of a stadium and surrounding streets, buildings and even bodies of water.

Another option the company offers is the StadiumStateShape. This design is less detailed than the Map Art and resembles a zoomed-out map of the entire state.

Here are some other unique holiday gift ideas:

1. Customized Cutting Board: These cutting boards can be personalized with names or quotes with less than 500 characters.

2. Ornaments: Using a laser, you can cut a variety of tree decorations, from commemorative ornaments (think: “baby’s first Christmas”), to sparkly snowflakes! (Here’s a how-to video for you.)

3. Custom Leather Bookmarks: A fabulous idea for a stocking stuffer, these customized leather bookmarks are ideal for avid readers out there.

4. Decanter: Glassware is a very popular item for customization – know anyone who would love a personalized whiskey decanter?

5. Photo Gifts: Photos make a great gift for parents and grandparents. Take that a step further with an engraved photo and you’ve got a treasured memory that will last forever!

6. Water Bottles & Coated Tumblers: A versatile gift that’s great for nearly anyone – these water bottles are easy to laser engrave and look fantastic!

What am I missing? What other ideas can you think of?

Take a look at what others are engraving on Epilog Laser’s website for inspiration.

Editor's note: This is a sponsored blog post from Epilog Laser.


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Re: Laser Engraved Gift Guide 2017

11/12/2017 6:39 PM

Could you engrave one of my pet rocks for me?

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Re: Laser Engraved Gift Guide 2017

11/13/2017 10:18 AM

I could do that. If I did I'd have to clear up a long ignored... (For a variety of reasons)

project offer to deal with a squeak. .... I had a thing get in the way. Something broke.. I ran out of parts. I changed direction.. Anyhow.. All should be doable.

What did you have in mind? A CR4 paperweight?

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