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Why Will a Laser be the Most Popular Tool in My Makerspace?

Posted February 06, 2022 5:00 AM by Epilog Laser
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With makerspaces popping up in schools, libraries and other communities around the world, many people are examining how to go about building a successful makerspace. It’s the tools in the space that bring in users, and the more users your space has, the more successful your space can be. Makers are looking for access to machinery that they can’t personally have, whether because of space or money, and the more versatile and unique the machinery, the better.

While CNC routers, 3D printers and laser cutters all complement each other very well, there are few reasons a laser may be more highly sought after.


Laser cutters are fast. Like, incredibly fast. In fact, depending on the size of the project, you can cut a prototype with the laser in a matter of minutes. Add an engraving to your project in only a few minutes more.

Ease of use

Training on the laser tends to be very quick because it’s just like printing to paper. You can use most graphic design programs to set up your artwork and send it to the laser. Training is either conducted by more experienced users or through a class that you require users to attend before they are qualified to use the laser.

Material versatility

The laser works with a variety of materials – wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, leather, and much more. Users can engrave/cut scrap materials, already-assembled products, or even inexpensive corrugated cardboard.


If you’re a makerspace looking to increase membership, the laser is the way to go. Potential members will be blown away by how precise and quick the laser is.

Contact us for more information about adding a laser cutter to your makerspace!


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