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Planetary Gear Confusion
posted in Mechanical Engineering
Pathfinder Tags: epicyclic gear gearbox gears planet ...
Created on 11/02/2017 3:01 PM
by captainsquinty
Pluto is a Planet Again?
posted in General Discussion
Pathfinder Tags: planet pluto
Created on 09/24/2014 1:09 PM
by spacevudo
Orbits of Planets and Comets
posted in Aerospace
Pathfinder Tags: Comet orbit planet
Created on 10/01/2010 4:16 AM
by pritam
Do You Support a Manned Mission to Mars?
from Aerospace Blog posted in Aerospace
Pathfinder Tags: Mars mission NASA outer planet ...
Created on 08/10/2009 7:00 AM
by tinypilot18
Mars could get hit by asteroid end of January!
posted in Aerospace
Pathfinder Tags: Asteroid crater impact Mars planet
Created on 12/25/2007 7:43 AM
by case491
An *Earth-like planet* discovered only 20 light years away
Created on 04/26/2007 7:38 AM
by photonicgirl