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Flamethrowers Find Industrial Uses
Created on 04/27/2016 9:04 AM
National Security and Counterspace Capabilities
Created on 02/08/2011 9:29 AM
by Steve Melito
Model T Tank - Version 2.0 ?
Created on 08/11/2010 9:00 AM
by dstrohl
Survival IS 'Job ONE!': Finally: 'SAFE’ nuclear power plants ARE on the horizon!
posted in Sustainable Engineering
Pathfinder Tags: Energy Exti fission fusion nuclear ...
Created on 03/06/2010 1:54 AM
by DougRH
Weapons of the First World War
Created on 09/15/2009 1:12 PM
by ronseto
Del's Archery Adventures - Crossbow Refurb (Part 2)
Created on 06/10/2009 6:01 AM
by Del the cat
Del’s Archery Adventures - Crossbow Refurb (Part 1)
Created on 06/03/2009 8:30 AM
by Del the cat
Del’s Archery Adventures – The Asiatic Recurve Bow
Created on 04/13/2009 11:00 PM
by Del the cat
Photoshop and the Iranian Missile That Wasn't
Created on 07/10/2008 3:15 PM
by Steve Melito
How does an M-16 Carbine Work?
posted in Mechanical Engineering
Pathfinder Tags: M-16 carbide weapons
Created on 08/22/2007 10:37 AM
by ancientheart
'Bionic Wasps'
Created on 11/18/2006 11:43 AM
by JohnDG
Interview with the creator of the Neutron Bomb
posted in General Discussion
Pathfinder Tags: neutron bomb Sam Cohen weapons
Created on 08/17/2005 9:28 AM
by BRodda