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01/22/2009 1:06 AM

Use CNC as a hobby and up to production and developing.

The "hobby" machines made from scrap manual engravers and scrap pen plotters are also used for production work.

Machines used : self build , Isel , Iri & other. Have developed a software driver to achieve the (uniform) functionality needed for production work.

At the moment upgrading all machines to Galil DMC controllers using stepper motors but will upgrade to servos soon.

I am impressed with the Galil controller it seems that feed rates can be increased substantially because of all the available HP. On the same stepper machine and power supply the production increase on a test sample seems to be more than 10 fold.

Also a member of: Popular Science : Biology, Hobbies : Musician, APIX Pilot Plant Design Project : Member, Fans of Old Computers : ZX-81, CR4 Fans : CR4 Fan

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