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Proud of the fact that you could sort punched cards faster than anyone? Still got that CP/M boot disk "just in case"? Admit your age and post pictures and stories from the good old days.

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New Member

09/25/2010 1:16 AM

I am 66 now and retired.

Without computers for the first 26 years of my life except for a slide rule and a coffee mill Facit.

Not much of a ZX81 fan, Bought one with a Chess game , Never finished any game on it. After the troublesome loading from tape I usually fell asleep at the 3rd move (the ZX81 was too slow for words)

Since 1970m I was working on a range Mainframes and HP PC's (a HP9845 -from about 1977 as a shared PC)

In about 1979/80 I bought my own PC - the fabulous HP85 - (16K additional memory and a full house of 8K ROM's including assembler)

With the HP85 I could suddenly do things which I could not succeed in work time. (Even almost divorced)


Mechanisation program

Irrigation demand

Irrigation design (have a look at www.gwis,co,za for the current version)


Beam design etc etc

Big data base

Upgraded to HP86b (96K memory)

With this I had a big GIS Water use data base running

Also a member of: Popular Science : Biology, Hobbies : Musician, APIX Pilot Plant Design Project : Member, Hobbies : CNC, CR4 Fans : CR4 Fan

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