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Build it right the first time then improve on it

12/30/2009 10:01 AM

I worked my way of up from being the grunt in manufacturing to becoming an engineer and have since been in several different engineering fields from manufacturing to telecom. My passion is in the electrical engineering field. I cut my teeth on studying electronics way back in high school 20 years ago and to this date have only been able to achieve an associates degree in electronic engineering technology. My goal is still to get my bachelor's degree or even a master's in the future when finances and family life allow for it. I believe to be a good engineer you have to have the abilities to be able to put your hands on it and build it yourself in order to be able to tell someone else how to build it instead of just saying it looks good and works right on paper. My dad hated engineers for this fact that they couldn't do the work themselves but could make it look pretty on paper.

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