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Race ya there...

05/27/2007 12:15 AM

My dad never wanted me to become a mechanic. He saw it as a low-education, dirt-and-grease blue collar job. So when he refused to teach me how to work on cars in hopes that it would drive me to seek a better career, I dove into my own truck anyway. A few "what does this do," "why do I need this," and "I took it out but how does it go back?" inquiries later, I wound up knowing cars inside and out anyway. My passion for cars didn't turn me into a low-income grease monkey, but an engineer and designer of cars and car systems. I've explored everything from the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical areas of cars, down to the "soft" stuff: interior and exterior appearance and design. To achieve even half of the fame and status of names such as MacLaren or Shelby would be a realization of my wildest dreams.

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