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Toronto Teachers' College 1971

01/18/2008 1:03 PM

Studied Library Science at Seneca College Of Applied Arts & Technology, graduating cum laude in 1969. Used the graduating designation to get into teachers' college.

Graduated from teacher's college in 1971 as a vocal music specialist.

Taught general curriculum subjects in all grade levels Jr. Kindergarten through Grade 13 in North York Ontario between 1971 and 1976. Attended summer Professional Development courses to get a Teacher Librarian designation.

Employed individualized curricula teaching concepts, getting very useful results in the area of student achievement.

Somehow, my teaching methods caught the attention of the Faculty Of Environmental Studies at York University--an umbrella graduate faculty where students design their own courses of study-- and I was contacted 'out of the blue' by the assistant Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Communications to pursue a degree with them in what became labelled as "Masters In Environmental Studies: Education Planning, Administration, and Curriculum Development". This title was in perfect keeping with my verbose nature.

As a curriculum specialist with a Teacher Librarian designation, I taught Curriculum Development to third-year Teacher Librarians at summer school professional development courses for the Ontario Ministry Of Education.

Also a member of: Canada : Member, Engineering Fields : Marine Engineering, Technical Fields : Architecture, Technical Fields : Marketing/Advertising, Hobbies : Hunting, Hobbies : Target Shooting

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