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02/15/2008 2:08 AM

Hi all.I have been a Naval Officer (INVR) and have rendered Engineering consultancy in India and manufacturing industries in most of the "Developed" world.I have been an Inventor/Innovator for the past 46 years with a belief that No invention should be patented as it restricts human progress.It is enough if ideas/concepts are given out by Paper presentations to mark originality and precedence.Details of myself and Artec, a company founded by me for Automation and controlls in 1981 are available on website .Presently, I have designed a Robot to retrieve and launch heavy (16 Tonnes a.u.w.) helicopters being operated on board Frigates and Destroyers in all weather conditions!! This, I believe is a "First-of-its-kind" and the Largest Robot of its kind in the world, being claimed after presenting a Paper in a Global forum such as MAST 2006.Visit above website to see animation.

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