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Hi all.I have been a Naval Officer (INVR) and have rendered Engineering consultancy in India and manufacturing industries in most of the "Developed" world.I have been an Inventor/Innovator for the past 46 years with a belief that No invention should be patented as it restricts human progress.It is enough if ideas/concepts are given out by Paper presentations to mark originality and precedence.Details of myself and Artec, a company founded by me for Automation and controlls in 1981 are available on website .Presently, I have designed a Robot to retrieve and launch heavy (16 Tonnes a.u.w.) helicopters being operated on board Frigates and Destroyers in all weather conditions!! This, I believe is a "First-of-its-kind" and the Largest Robot of its kind in the world, being claimed after presenting a Paper in a Global forum such as MAST 2006.Visit above website to see animation.

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New Member;I believe in integrating several disciplines of engineering.

Application of ROBOTICS combined with MARINE ENGINEERING bring immense potential benefits to seafaring and maritime activities.For example, The Artec Robotic Docking And Movement System, TARDAMS, invented by me for SAFE and CONCURRENT operations of multiple Heavy Helicopters on board ships and Warships,in sea state C6, gives capabilities several orders of magnitude over and above what is available presently.For more,visit