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I'm the Chief Software Architect for GlobalSpec (now part . I wrote most of the code for CR4, which is how I snagged user Id #1.

Suggested reading:

  • Cryptonomicon - Neil Stephenson
  • Snow Crash - Neil Stephenson
  • The Baroque Cycle (Quick Silver, Confusion, System of the World) - Neil Stephenson
  • Red Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson
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S/W Architect

I've been programming since I was a kid, and it's still fun.

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When I hear people who can't get past how complex life is, how it could not possibly have "evolved" from simple forms, all I can think of is "Time is long". We really don't have the mental tools to truly grasp how much time has passed on the Earth. With enough time even very simple processes can produce wonders.

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A fine computer

This was my first computer with more than 1k of RAM (it had 16k), but no disk drives (cassette tape all the way!). I learned to program "real" things on mine. Wish I hadn't sold it (but then there'd be one more in the closet).

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Born and raised in MA, moved to NY for college and stayed to live & work.

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Nothern neighbors

My parents are both from Quebec (I was born in the US) and we go back often. It's like a whole other country up there!