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The two questions I've had and worked to answer since I was 13 where: How will we see people from outerspace? and, How will we prevent Apocalyptic Riot?

After a period of boredom and bliss, I had a vision I called Transcend O Ray which caused me to believe that we would see holograms of the others somehow got off photons. (As I write this bio: I've not done so well, or badly in the Encoding Holograms Discussion as to entirely give up. The antenna is currently the problem, along with the goal of putting the signal in and out of wormholes. The idea is sort of hard to figure out how to do and may be like putting a message in a bottle that was only delivered by a subatomic tornado. -It also may be impossible.

To obviate the prospect of Apocalyptic Riot I determined that founding a nation of confederated airports that were business and trade facilitators, and culturally neutral might improve general well being enough to moderate conflicts. Hence I have done an extensive personal study of Political Science and Military History to the detriment of some of my pure science and technology education.

I shall work to catch up, though I would appreciate a Political Science Section so I was not so sliding towards "Off Topic" sometimes.

Careers were in Motion Picture Production and Aviation Services.