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Retired Mechanical Engineer working from the Government Department of Water Affairs as Chief Engineer.

Doing consulting work on bulk water distribution systems.

Resident engineer for the Olifants Project constructing a 40km pipeline and a pump station.

Interested in new developments and problem solving.

Experience in machine design and building, metal pressings, tool design and materials handling.

I have my own workshops including a toolroom where I do development, refurbish machines, design and build machines.

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I have been designing, building and refurbishing machines for over fourty years but I now would want to get into CNC retrofitting as a hobby. As a mechanical engineer the mechanics is no problem but I lack a great deal in the electronics field. The computer/drive interphase is my biggest stumbleblock. I have recently bought a welding robot without controls and would like to get it working as it already has all the stepper drives and mechanical movements.