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Was born. Kindergarden. School. University. Engineering degree. PhD degree. A lot of understanding and misunderstanding how to develop belt scale systems. Scored num of weighing systems projects. I'm working now in industrial automation field.

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Though I was taught as electric engineer specialized in automation of mining processes it was my good luck to be caught instrument measuring occupation.

My specialization is belt scale systems and of course I had been studying some adjacent fields.

It had been said:"Any science starts just as science since there were started any instrument measurements". I agree with it . Absolutely.

Engineering occupation is the very value as it allows to save "spirit of a curious boy" over the age as well as to stay a honest man over the circumstances (as 2x2 is 4 everywhere).

I have not a great list of achievements to compare with respected members of CR4 unless I'm devoted and skilled worker on my field and oh... maybe it sounds as impossible joke now but in 1994 China had bought 6 sets of belt scales designed my laboratory for power stations. I was a header developer of its concept and it'd been originated of my thesis' work. Really it was swan song of collapsed empire . I've not a tiny pity of it (empire).

My hobby is my work, CR4, SE Asia and Nick Cave.

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Though I am not too ardent fisherman right now [mostly due to lack of time], I belong to family where all men always were desperately devoted to this kind of activity. I have not any experience of sea fishing though.

I'm looking forward to know a lot of new exciting things from respected members of this group.