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I am basically a Mechanical Engineer and did Post-Graduation

in SUGAR ENGINEERING. My total experience is 53 years and +

in which 44 years in a SENIOR POSITION/HEAD OF THE INSTITUTION and I was the MANAGING DIRECTOR of two SUGAR FACTORIES COMPLEX, comprising SUGAR FACTORY, EXPORT of CO-GEN POWER - 30 MW from both Sugar Factories with Multi-Fuel usage, DISTILLERY and ETHNOL PLANT, STARCH PLANT. Also installed and handling an Lift Irrigation Scheme with 35 Pumps each Pump Capacity is of 2500 M^3/Hr, a massive lift irrigation scheme, i.e., 87500 M^3/Hr.

Then I was the head of a Sugar Factory Complex which has a Sugar Cane Diffuser Plant, Co-Gen Power Plant, Distillery with CO2 recovery plant.

Presently Head of the 3 sugar plants as EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT (Tech.) and keep going.

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