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After a brief flirtation with the military, I had a full ride scholarship with the Canadian Army but spinal surgery put an end to that. I was able to return to the reserves where I reached the rank of Lieutenant (pronounced leftenant) in the Canadian reserves. I then went on to spend two years as a Mormon missionary in la Belle Provence de Quebec. After that I got married, started university and ended up with a BSc in Computing Science. I worked as a systems programmer, capacity planner, hardware evaluator and progressed to Disaster Recovery Planning. About this time I acquired an autoimmune disease and I have been on long term disability leave since 1995. I currently keep myself busy with Ham radio and being part of the pro-nuclear power lobby.

The most important part of my life is my family, one wife, five children, a fantastic son-in-law, and four delightful grandchildren.

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In 1997 on my 51st birthday I finally accomplished a desire that I had since before I was a teenager. When Industry Canada changed the rules and eliminated the code for HF use I was grandfathered in even though I had achieved the 80+% grade in my exam that current holders of the Basic qualification mush achieve in order to get on HF without either passing the code exam which still exists or the Advanced exam.

I am currently on long term disability leave which gives me time to play with my toys.

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I have always been intriqued by the applications of technology to mankind's favourite blood sport . In addition I have found the precise workmanship to often be quite remarkable.

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I am a member of the Canadian Nuclear Society currently involved in educational programs for high schools. My background is actually in Information Technology but I figure that nuclear power needs all of the friends that it can get.