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A 50 something teenager with a rabid curosity about just about everything. I've been in the import and customs business for over 30 years and a specialist in tariff classification. That means I am expected to know something about everything from the decitex of yarns and the warp and weft of fabrics to the difference between a generator and an alternator or a check valve versus a relief valve. While that is a tall order for my "some college" education it sure keeps my leisure time filled with interesting self appointed research projects and my 2000 volume home library sprinkled with more than a few onerous technical texts.

I discovered CR4 a few years back and consult it daily to see whats new and avidly read all of the more basic threads. While I could keep you guys busy for years just with questions from chapter 84 and 85 of the tariff (machinery and electronics) I restrict my questions to actual dilemas that face me, my collegues and clients.

I recently moved west from Montreal to Edmonton and watched my clientel change from textile importers to the oil field industry. Piping has quite a different meaning out here.

Other than work and research I, along with my wife, are avid players of on-line multiplayer roleplaying games, currently Lord of the Rings, previously World of warcraft.

Just like to say, thanks for all the help, education, amusement, enlightenment and entertainment you folks at CR4 have provided over the years. It refreshing to still find such deep pool of talent and brains concentrated in one place on the internet.

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