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Bushdriver is a person with vast business experience. He spends most of his time helping institutions improve their internet marketing solutions.

He understands finance and company structures well. There is hardly an industrial production system (other than Chemical Engineering) that he is not familiar with if not highly proficient at, having designed and built a vast array of products including industrial air-conditioners, racing motorcycles, boats, gliders, 3D hologram projectors, accounting systems and business processes, and consulted to many industries. He won numerous awards for his efforts in the business market.

This community orientated initiator developed the Constitution and model of association that South African Minister of Transport, Mac Maharaj then used as the model nationally to stem the killings the Black taxi industry was being crippled by.

Bushdriver has been a lay preacher for the Methodist and then Baptist churches. He loves his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He lectured at Witwatersrand Technicon and University in Dental Technology and Dental Metallurgy.

He loves Nature conservation and as a consultant has played a significant part in establishing viable Eco-tourism and Safari Ranches in South Africa's Limpopo Region and in Southern Zimbabwe.

His hobbies include motor cycle riding, archery, fishing, hunting, bird watching, cooking, aviation, garage tinkering, being a grandfather and giving Granny Bushdriver a hard time.