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Born 1936. Engineering BachelorDegree IIT 1957, Master's'58 again another in '59

Worked on Nuclear power Station, Oil pipeline, Power Generation, Metallurgical Plants, mostly on designing details/systems.1960 thru1988.All over the world.

Settled at present location since'88.

Devoted last 20 years to learn what I missed out ealier.

And trying to do justice to Green Earth movement by promoting simple living, little travel, Local solutions of all problems in society.

Particularly I have designed the cushionless Green Chair andGreen Bed for Ergonomic healthy living . These should reach each human. My Wonderchair weighs 2Kg. 1Kg of Steel(fully recycleable) and 1kg bamboo(green renewable).MyWonderbed is similar -3Kg Steel +3Kg Bamboo. Both these can be Kitform and assembled at user point in small work-co-ops.

And I will like to lend my valuable experience in getting Healthy potable water from Any Water(This was bloggedin CR4). Similarly Clean up all pollution with rediscovered tool Electro-Coagulation(there was a blog in CR4 on Marble dust-in -water)

I have also done total simplification to Human habitat technology appropriate for 3rd world. Any amount of blogging needed on this.

There is a problem"If you make everthing so simple--how do we survive?". We need blogging this too.

I do not foresee great penetration of my simplifications any time soon!

Maybe I don't know how to push my points.


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I invite all dear members Old and New to think and suggest a new set of problems and solutions to circulate for a week,give a break and return after say two weeks with final say