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I am a Boiler, steam speciality , energy conservation & fuel saving consultant and expertise in :

Boilers & Boiler House Accessories

Utility Pipeline Designing & Engineering.

Steam Energy Audit/ Steam trap-leakage Audit

Trouble shooting steam system defects.

Expert in steam traps & steam controlling equipments.

Manufacturer of "Ducon Condensate Power Pumps" in both Vertical & Horizontal Single/ Packaged Models with capacities ranging up to 8500 kg/hr of 100C Condensate pumping.

Consultant Alternate Fuel to replace Natural Gas with Coal Gasification System/ Coal-fired Boiler + Steam Turbine System.

Self-employed since 1984:

Muhammad N. Duja

DUCON Energy Management Systems,

B-66/I, "Q" Street, Phase:VII, DHA, Karachi-75500, Pakistan

Phone: 021 - 35852738 Cell: 0300 2353390