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Born Again Biker

Returned to having a bike after a 39 year break 11 years ago.

It was a shock how much they had changed from the old British bikes.

Not least the changing of the brake & gear change. (stomped on the brake a couple of times to change gear).

A couple of "backing into a corner" (like the MOTO GP guys) soon cured me of that.

My bikes (in order of ownership) were:- 16th birthday. Ex Post Office BSA Bantam, BSA C15, Matchless G9, AJS CSR41, then came the 39 year break, Kawasaki GPZ500S and finally my Kawasaki ZZR600.

Afraid I don't get out on it a lot (fair weather biker!) but it sure brings a big grin to the face when the revs start to get towards the 14,000 rpm line.

Best regards,