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EE from the the Wilds of Pa.

Work for a custom manufacturer of process skids for sanitary industries. (stainless steel only) Design/draft/build/test instrumentation and control systems on these skids and do the work for UL inspections, as we are a UL 508A panel shop now. Fortunately we have hired a few electricians to compliment the engineering staff so my "floor" experience is less these days. Good thing as my retirement is also nearing and I don't need anymore "hands-on" experience. Chiefly use AB Compact Logix PLC's, but we are getting into the Siemens products as of late.

As a side note, if ever you need mechanical help on a bicycle, my hobby is restoring old bikes. If it is a bicycle part made in the last 40 years, I probably have worked with it.

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