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EE from the the Wilds of Pa.

I have finally retired. I worked for 30 years for a custom manufacturer of process skids for sanitary industries. (stainless steel only) I designed/drafted/helped build/tested instrumentation and control systems on these skids and did the work for UL inspections, as they are a UL 508A panel shop now. We mainly used Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC's, but also used some the Siemens products in 2013 to 2016.

As a side note, if ever you need mechanical help on a bicycle, my hobby is restoring/renewing old bikes. If it is a bicycle part made in the last 40 years, I probably have worked with it. I own 17 bicycles, and none of them are in the stock configuration. My pride and joy are my 1989 Giant Brownstone and 1994 Trek 720, which are now modern 10 speed cassette equipped, as well as V brake and tubeless tire equipped. They are fantastic gravel road cycles and I ride them often on the low mountains of Western Pa. and New York.

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