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Born in Wichita, Kansas, have lived in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area since 1960. Even though I have lived my entire life in Tornado Alley, I have never directly seen a tornado, but I have been close. On Memorial Day of 1998, one passed through the countryside about a mile north of my house.

I was not very athletic in my youth, so I read a lot, mostly about science. In 5th grade I read a couple of books about weather. After that, I would make basic weather predictions based on my own observations. The other kids started calling me "Professor." The nickname stuck until high school.

My interest in weather never really went away. I decided to try to become a research meteorologist, and earned a math degree from Tulsa Community College in hopes of moving on to Oklahoma University. But as the saying goes, life is what happens when you're making other plans.

My interest in weather led me into ham radio, storm spotting and, for a time, emergency management. I am still active as much as possible in storm spotting and ham radio.

In 2000, I was caught in a layoff caused by imports. This quaified me for a retraining program, and I enrolled in Star Training Institute to learn drafting. After I finished their program, they hired me to work on a contract basis. Due to a lack of transportation, they set me up to work from home providing software installation support for Autodesk products.

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I got into ham radio because of my interest in weather. I originally wanted to become a research meteorologist, and some of my research ideas could be facilitated by ham radio communications with storm spotters and chasers.

My call sign is KC5ZQM, and I have been licensed since 1997. I am only a Technician class, but I hope to upgrade before too long.

Besides storm spotting, my other ham radio interests include public service and emergency communications, antenna design, foxhunting (or hidden-transmitter hunting), and Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning (ARHAB).

I have had two articles on ham radio published. The first was in the March 2006 issue of QST in the Public Service section, about the ham radio communications provided at the Red Cross shelter at Camp Gruber, near Muskogee OK, for the Hurricane Katrina evcauees. The other was about guidelines for organizing communications for public service events, and it appeared in the Spring 2006 issue of CQ-VHF.

Unfortunately, I have not been very active since then, due to financial setbacks. I hope my new job will change that soon enough.

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Actually, I am a drafter, who is good at 3 dimensional parametric modeling. So, I am at the bottom of the ladder of the engineering world.

How I got here is a convoluted path. Years ago, I ran around with a bunch of redneck cowboy types, and one worked for a local chain of auto parts stores. I was out of a job and he recommended I apply. I did, and spent 9 years working for them.

Towards the end of those 9 years I wanted to get into a different line of work, so I went to a junior college to study computer programming. I did receive an associate degree, but it was all for mainframe computers. This was just about the time that microcomputers took off, so I've never really used that degree.

Later, I wanted to become a research meteorologist, so back to school I went. This time I went for and received an associate degree in math from Tulsa Community College, with the aim of moving on to the meteorology school at Oklahoma University.

Didn't make it there either. Had to work to pay off some debts, plus I was driving an old clunker, and I wanted a car in better condition before going to a school not close to home. I got caught in a couple of layoffs. The first was at the NAPA warehouse in Tulsa, the second at the Zebco fishing reel plant. Because the last layoff was due to imports, I qualified for a program that paid for training.

That led to Star Training Institute, where I learned drafting by hand and using AutoCAD. After I finished my training, and received a certifcate from the American Drafting and Design Association, Star put me to work on a contract basis.

The first contract was for an outfit that makes oilfield pumps. They had bought out another company and inherited a bunch of drawings that were not up to ANSI standards. They wanted the drawings brought up to ANSI and their own company standards, plus they wanted 3D parametric models of the parts to help their engineers visualize the shapes better. I went through 2 days of training on Mechanical Desktop, then started work on the project.

Since then, I have worked on a variety of projects in different fields. Most of my work has been done for a company that makes overhead cranes. Even though the drawings for them were more structural than mechanical, they have had some very interesting projects.

Now, I work for Star Training, but from home, and I provide installation support for Autodesk student software. I still do some drafting to keep my skills up, and I am also using Inventor on a design of a meterological instrument.

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I love America for one reason - it is my home!