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This blog was started by accident - a chance mention of silk in a Challenge Question set my mind racing and the first, brief episode was born. The reaction to this and the follow-up episode was positive, so keeping the episodes together seemed like a good idea.

I'm a fairly unusual creature - an engineer who enjoys language and likes to use it to its full. Oh yes, and I'm a woman!

I hope you enjoy reading An Engineer in Paradise, remember: If you have nothing to laugh about - laugh on credit.

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Episode 10 - Focus on the Chocolate

Posted March 19, 2010 6:24 PM by English Rose
Pathfinder Tags: Humour

Next day, she stepped off the plane to a wall of flashing bulbs. The press were out in force, the photographers desperate to get the best picture of one of the most glamorous women to visit the city in – oh- days. The cult of celebrity really was getting out of hand, she mused behind the fixed expression with which she faced the sea of reporters. Widening the "happy to be here" smile, she waved jokingly at the photographer on the highest ladder. He ignored her and continued shooting pictures if the retreating back of the latest generic songstress, even though it was all but obscured by her bodyguards.

Later on at Capitol Hill, she had a moment's worry that she had been captured by one or more of the photographers, albeit to them just a nameless face in a sea of nameless faces that were the backdrop to the three-day star. Bit if she should be recognised, how would she explain her presence here? She decided to cross that bridge when she came to it.

She followed the other tourists into the Assembly Building, watching for a group large enough…even better, she thought as she merged into one of the organised tours. Groups made for excellent cover; she could leave it when she wished.

In the event, she stayed with the group for the whole tour. She had seen the warning signal earlier and so did not stop as planned. She tagged on behind a group obviously from a regular meeting group. This time when they got to the Statuary Room, Blaine gave her the all clear signal and wandered over to John Adams's desk. She meandered to the other marked spot and said quietly to herself, "So, did Adams really eavesdrop on his opponents?"

"Definitely, if they were standing there." Blaine whispered in her ear – although he was standing over half the room away. Quickly she summarised the weekend's events, including her doubts and suspicions. Blaine listened in silence, apparently reading the historical notes on the desk. Without looking up, he instructed her to return home, avoid Danny as much as possible and to carry on working while he made some enquiries. He asked her if he could have the mechanised dolls' house. She told him she'd leave it at the usual drop point.

They were taking their leave when groups of children arrived at both foci, eager to test out the phenomenon they had heard about in Physics lessons.

She drifted out of the building and headed back to her hotel, making plans to deliver the dolls' house to Blaine. She recalled that he was fond of chocolate, so on the way home she popped into a Hotel Chocolat shop and bought a selection of their fine products and scrounged one of their larger boxes. That night she set about packing the dolls' house and chocolate. The goats had to be locked out of the house as they, like Blaine, were rather partial to chocolate.

She checked her recording schedule and decided she could deliver the parcel herself.

Loosely inspired by Who wants Chocolate?


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Re: Episode 10 - Focus on the Chocolate

03/19/2010 7:51 PM

The attack on the house by the goats, that stink, was an event complicated by pencils.

Many of the neighbors went about their own business with no concern for the grass, or pencils.

Later on, a well coiffed goat was found wandering around wearing a very stylish tin hat.

When the goat was asked to explain itself it refused.

However the constable asking questions was known to be a grandiose bombastic interloper from another planet who had disguised them selves as a penguin.

In fact the disguised alien in the uniform of the penguin had a ulterior motive for their pencil and goat round up that was not initially understandable.

A 5 year old child wearing brightly colored pajamas made by a company that specialized in solar panel weaving was so powered up that they made history by jumping over a pile of televisions. This caused consternation that was unparrallelled in human and goat history, but did confuse those beings who did not have tin hats.

You don't get wise because you got old, you get old because you were wise.
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