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I guess if I had to put a tag on what I do, I would be called an industrial designer, I like to think of myself as a person that solves problems, not just mechanical, I seem to be able to solve a wide variety of difficulties in any field, natural talent? who knows...

I have been a gear head as long as I can remember, I truly like automotive anything, off road vehicles in particular, but I do love the sound of a bug block hot rod.

I also write for several off-road vehicle publications, and I am considered by some a Professional Photographer, another tag, hate that.

I love expedition travel and make time every year for an expedition to someplace, I love the US southwest, great place to explore.

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Dances with Trees

Born with a gear stick in my hand and been far too involved in the hobby, now lifestyle.

Go ahead tell me it can't be done and step back while I make it happen.

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because I can

I an currently an automotive journalist living in Ottawa, I also build custom vehicles. I have taken my rat out of the race, and it is not going back. From now on if it is not fun I am not going to do it. I also spend far too much time bothering elected officials because I can, I voted I get to complain.

Almost forgot, I am also an industrial designer, but only take on contracts that look like fun

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too much fun

I am a newbee to CNC, but on the other hand I remember when it was so new people were scared of it. I want to make CNC machinery so I can utilize some of my power tools that just sit around gathering dust.

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paper shreader

I love shooting, No paper target is safe around me.